Jade's Tips - Level 14-1

Jade's Tips - Level 14-1

2-3 Stars

No charms
Potions used: extra bubbles, ceiling holes and rainbow bubbles. 

This level in the Bubble Witch Saga puzzle game is fairly straightforward- no bombs, doom bubbles or infection. Start by shooting up the centre then towards the sides, around the black solid bubbles. 

By doing the centre first you should be able to create a drop on each side before progressing to the top to clear the level. 

Try to accumulate green spiders before you drop the bubbles on each side so you end up with 3 main drops of bubbles- the left side, the right side and then the final drop. 

Using the Green Spider Guide and having green spiders in place before each of the drops should give you enough of a score to obtain 2 or 3 stars. 

What is a green spider?

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