Jade's Tips - Level 135

Jade's Tips - Level 135
Potions used: all
Recommended Charms: bomb disarm, skull deactivation, webbing

Start by clearing as many bubbles as you can before unlocking the lock. It’s best if you don’t miss any shots but it’s unlikely that you will get colours that match so you can clear them all without missing any before unlocking.

Once you unlock the lock, focus on dropping the bomb on the left hand side without unlocking the 2nd lock. If you have the charm to stop the bomb ticking then it is recommended you use it on this bomb so it won’t matter then if you don’t drop the bomb. 

Once the bomb is dropped/stopped, clear as many as you can on the right side, so you can then bank shots off the wall and drop the skulls. You will be able to shoot just in between 2 little skull rows so a few will remain and the rest will drop. If you have the skull deactivating charm it is recommended you use it here on the highest row of skulls, just below the lock line. This will cause the rest of your skulls to drop and bounce. 

(If you do not need to use one of the skull charms, then shoot one of them to deliberately miss but only if you have 10 spiders below with at least 1 blue. This will turn it into a green spider so when you drop the skulls down it will increase your score.)

When you have cleared as many as you can, make colour pairs until you are able to unlock the lock. If you have the bomb deactivation charm, use it as soon as you unlock the lock as there is another bomb to your right ticking. If you don’t, work quickly to drop the bomb. If you can't, then drop the ceiling and end the level. 

If you are able to drop/stop the bomb then here is your chance to get your last round of green spiders. Deliberately missing with your rainbow bubbles when you have 10 spiders below (some of which are blue) will give you green spiders, and if you have the skull deactivation charm and have only used the one of them then deliberately missing with that one as well will give you another green spider. For the highest score, save getting your final green spiders until your final shot is needed to clear the ceiling and end the level.

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