Jade's Tips - Level 1-2

Jade's Tips - Level 1-2 Potions used: All 
Charms recommended for 3 stars: antidote, skulls, webbing 

Take note before you start: 

  • Doom skulls are only at the bottom of this level. If you have the skull charm, try not to use it on the actual skulls. Instead, wait until you have all 10 spiders below, then shoot the skull charm (Salvation Charm) at an area that the skulls are not so they also turn into green spiders. The best time to do this is after you have already had 10 shots in a row so you already have 2 green spiders- then shoot your 2 skulls so you have 2 more green spiders, then make a drop onto them. To use the skull charm you need to use it before you have removed/dropped all the skulls otherwise it turns off and you can’t use it.
  • If you have the webbing charm, save it until you have multiple green spiders and you are about to make a drop onto them. 
  • Also, save your rainbows!! 
To start, create a few pairs along the bottom.

Avoid the skulls and make 10 shots in a row so you have 2 green spiders. Work up the middle, drop the bomb, then work on an angle towards the sides. Try to work towards an area where you will be able to make a drop. If you have the skull charm then use it now, after you have got your 2nd green spider. Make the drop on one side after you have your green spiders in place.

Create some more colour pairs so some of your spiders go away, don’t leave any more than 3 spiders below- then make your shots again- try to get 10 shots in a row so you have 2 more green spiders. By now the infection has probably come down so you won’t be able to make a drop. If you can shoot at the infection in any place without hitting any bubbles, then use your rainbow bubbles to shoot at the infection (ideally you will have 2 green spiders from having 10 shots in a row as well as at least 2 blue spiders still- shooting your rainbow bubbles at the infection will convert 2 of your blue ones into green ones) Wait until you can make no more shots THEN use your charm for the poison bubbles. With luck, when you turn it off and it restarts growing, you should be able to make a drop onto all your spiders below.

Once you have done that you should be able to see the top. If you have enough bubbles left, make 5 shots in a row so you have at least 1 green spider before you make the final drop. 

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