Ebony's Tips - Level 2

This level starts with 40 bubbles in the cauldron. It also reveals 4 of the stars at the top straight away, so you only need to reveal 5 more for this level to end. 

Doing it quickly will give you enough of a score to progress to the next level, but if you want a higher score please read on. 

This is a simple level but following the Green Spider guide will ensure you get a higher score. Create 2 colour clusters (pairs) until you have 30-35 bubbles left, then make matches. Making 10 successful shots in a row will give you 2 green spiders, making 15 will give you 3 green spiders and the rest will be yellow. Ending with approx. 20 bubbles in the cauldron and 3 green spiders will give you the best score.
Potions used: none

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