Ebony's Tips - Level 11-8

Ebony's Tips - Level 11-8

Potions: Extra bubbles, rainbow and ceiling holes.

Start by going up the centre as quick and as high as you can to stop the infection coming down. Next focus on one side. Just before you drop have a look to check your spider status. If you have no green spiders then miss a few shots, creating clusters of 2, so you can then get 5 shots in a row to get a green spider. If possible get a further 3 shots in a row (making it 8 shots in a row) and make the drop on the 9th shot. Then watch your green spider while they are bouncing. As soon as you see it change back to blue, make another shot while the bubbles are still bouncing, this will bring your green spider back so you can take the most advantage of the bubbles bouncing. If plenty are still bouncing and you haven’t yet used your rainbow bubbles (if you bought them) then you can also shoot a rainbow at the infection- as long as you have 10 spiders below with one or more blue, this will give you an additional green spider. 

By focusing on one side only you can then bank shots off the wall to drop the other side. If you still have plenty of bubbles in the cauldron, try to get yourself a green spider before you drop the other side. Once that one is done you should be able to bank shots of both sides to shoot above the infection to reveal the stars at the top and end the level. 

Green spiders is the key in this level to getting enough points to get a star- and stopping the infection is a must or you wont be able to shoot around it or see above it.

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