Ebony's Tips - Level 1

This is a basic level to get you started in the game.

When you start, getting 9 shots in a row will make the bulk of the bubbles fall down, ending the game. If you do this you willl get enough points for stars.

This level is very easy to slowly lead you into the game (pic1). 

Many people like to go back later and replay levels to get a higher score. To do that on this level you need to keep in mind that GREEN spiders will multiply your bubbles as they bounce so the more green spiders you have, the better- and there is no point trying to end the level with more than 20 bubbles in the cauldron as it can only spit out a maximum of 10 at the end (you get 1 bubble for every 2 left in the cauldron up to a maximum of 10), so you may as well use the rest. 

To get a higher score on this level start by creating colour pairs without getting any matches (pic2). Do these until you have approx. 30 bubbles left in the cauldron.

Then make matches.

Avoid hitting the bubbles in the row that reaches the ceiling on the far left side. Hitting these will cause a few bubbles to drop, possibly bouncing on your green spiders and taking them away. Try not to make the matches drop all your bubbles- avoid getting the ceiling stars revealed too quickly. 

By getting 10 shots in a row you will have 2 green spiders, 15 in a row will give you 3 green spiders and the rest will be yellow. Saving the green spiders to the end will benefit you better as it will drop more onto it. If you make the 15th shot the one that drops them all, revealing the 9th star at the top, you will have 3 green spiders and some bubbles left in the cauldron (pic 3).

Doing this should give you a great score to beat a few of your friends!