Dianna's Tips - Level 19-5

One star
All potions
Precision charm only

To pass this level, you must stop the infection from reaching the break in the black bubbles on BOTH sides of the "V" that they form. 

When you start, concentrate on going up along the outside of the black bubbles; watch for the infection coming down; one side will come quicker than the other and you must then refocus your attention on that side. You need to "break" the infection so you can get to the opening before it does. Use your rainbow bubbles if you have to.

Once the infection is stopped, you can drop the black bubbles by clearing just above the "V" on both sides. Then drop the doom skulls; go up the middle; and the rest is easy! 

If you get a chance and you have a rainbow bubble/s left, create a green spider/s by shooting your rainbow bubble/s into the blank space into the ceiling before dropping the ceiling.

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