Dianna's Tips - Level 18-10

Dianna's Tips - Level 18-10

One Star
Precision Charm
All Potions

Take out the shadow bubbles immediately. Use one rainbow bubble if necessary but save the other. You will definitely need it when the chain is unlocked.

Using bank shots off the left wall, clear the right side between the black bubbles below the chain. You must also drop the bomb. You can leave the bubbles above the black bubbles; it's only important that you clear under the chain all the way to the right side.

Unlock the chain. Immediately clear the row above the chain to the right corner to the black bubbles. Use your remaining rainbow bubble shoot it into the space into the corner up above the black bubbles to bring down the black bubbles and other bubbles that you left. Then use bank shots off the right wall to clear to the left so you can drop the left side and/or lower the ceiling. Clear 9 holes to finish the level.

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