Dianna's Tips - Level 15-7

Dianna’s Tips – Level 15-7

2 Stars
All potions
No charms except Precision

There are doom skulls going up the center; and infections coming from the top center down, and the lower third on the left and right. The infection on left side moves faster than the right. 

The only way to do this level is to go straight up between the doom skulls as much as possible to stop the center infection from coming down. You must work quickly and carefully because if it goes too far down, you will never be able to see the ceiling. (Of course, use the bubbles you can't use on the center on the sides; start on the left side first.)

You don’t have to worry too much about the infections on the sides because you’ll be able to drop them from above. Once you’ve stopped the center infection and dropped both sides, you should have enough bubbles to create green spiders to increase your score. It's an easy road to the top from here to clear 9 holes in the ceiling. 

You may have to do this level a couple of times to get the right combination of colors when going up the center.

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