Dianna's Tips - Level 12-7

Dianna's Tips - Level 12-7.

Four potions
Precision Charm
Webbing Charm

Start at bottom and clear the left and right sides of the skulls. (The Charm of Salvation would come in handy here.) The intent is to drop the sides with a long, high shot before the infection can come down on each side to prevent you from doing that. (And just in case, the Antidote Charm would be useful.) There are bombs lining each side but they are no threat at all.

Bank shots off the side walls to clear above the skulls and drop them; the ceiling will lower and reveal a long vertical line of mystery bubbles. Continue clearing left and right sides of mystery bubbles to isolate them while heading toward ceiling. Deliberately miss 4-5 shots to get blue spiders. Then begin shooting the mystery bubbles and they will turn green. Bubbles will bounce on those green spiders from the mystery bubbles.

Set up again for green spiders before clearing the final 9 holes from the ceiling and finishing.

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