Dianna's Tips - Level 10-4

Dianna’s Tips – Level 10-4. Begin clearing in the center up to the lock (it is not necessary to clear all of them…just in the center area); unlock chain; clear under the mystery bubbles and begin clearing the right and left sides of the skulls. Do not worry about the virus. I take out the mystery bubbles. They can be bad but they can add much to your score and are a shortcut to the ceiling; otherwise you must use bank shots which uses up a lot of bubbles. Head toward ceiling. If you set off a bomb, you must decide if you have time to clear nine holes in the ceiling or if you have to plug it, but if you plug it, remember that you might run short of bubbles. Generally, you will clear one side or the other and drop the rest. Maximize your green spiders and use all your potions.

Hints to get green spiders HERE.

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