Dianna's Tips - Level 10-10

Dianna’s Tips – Level 10-10. Use all potions except for extra yellow spiders (they are a waste to start). Clear the center when you can; otherwise, use bank shots to clear left and right sides to drop either the left or right row of skulls. Do NOT hit the mystery bubbles at this time or you might get trapped. After you have dropped one row, you can unlock the chain (it is not necessary to drop the other before you continue though it is helpful). An infection will start to come down the left and right sides along the inside of the diagonal line of skulls – don’t let them get below the bottom of the skulls (this is fairly easy). At this time the bottom row of mystery bubbles is revealed; take a risk and shoot a couple of mystery bubbles to turn some blue bubbles green and THEN shoot a side down; do it again and shoot the other side down; you will get lots of points this way and hope you don’t get a bomb! but continue because your ceiling will lower and you will probably be able to drop the bomb. A triangle of mystery bubbles is revealed; clear around them, create some blue bubbles by missing some shots, then start to shoot your mystery bubbles. Watch your blue bubbles turn green and watch those bubbles bounce and your score soar! Then clear 9 holes at the ceiling and drop all your bubbles.

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