Belle M. Smith's Tips - Level 151

Belle M. Smith’s Tips - Level 151
No potions required but the ceiling holes, rainbow, spiders and extra bubbles could help.
1.      Take a moment or so to look at the layout.  Find some bubbles that hold a group of bubbles to drop.  Keeping this in mind, make your way towards these ‘holding’ bubbles .  If you don’t see any, that’s ok, just keep it in mind as you progress.  Start around the middle if possible, and aim upwards.   You’ll need to clear the lower levels before you can see the ceiling.

2.      Before dropping groups of bubbles, hit mystery bubbles to turn them from blue spiders to green ones.  This will help with the scores as bubbles multiply on green spiders.  Best to shoot mystery bubbles that are hanging on the edge rather than the ones surrounded by bubbles so that if it is a bomb, it can be easily removed.

3.      Make the most out of every shot. Shoot a mystery bubble if you don’t have matching bubbles to shoot.  You can shoot the mystery bubble with any colour.  But make sure this mystery bubble can be easily removed in case it is a bomb.

4.      When you are ready to drop the ceiling bubbles, shoot some mystery bubbles before you do so.  The blue spiders will turn green, and bubbles will multiply on them.  Get as many green spiders as possible, then drop the ceiling bubbles.  Note that yellow spiders do not turn green.

5.      Plan your final shot carefully.  When you get the right colour bubble for the final shot, keep it handy by using the other bubble in the cauldron to shoot the mystery bubbles.  Alternatively, use the rainbow bubble.

6.      Depending on the final number of bubbles, 10 gold spiders will probably get you one star.  To get more stars, green spiders are needed.

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